Picture by Luis Royo


"Ghosty" Illustration by Trent Kaniuga and Danny Miki.
"Everquest" Illustration by Whilce Portacio and Richard Friend.
"Nightwing" Illustration by Patrick Zircher.

March 15, 2005
The long awaited WildStorm miniseries, Matador, hits the newstands in May! Take a look at the Onsale for a preview!

December 29, 2004
In Production and the Checklist have been updated as well as some really cool interveiws since my last entry.  Hey!  Happy New Year, everyone! CA

April 7, 2004
ComicCon season is starting!  I've started to add Devin's 2004 schedule to the Fan Page under 
What conventions will Miss Grayson be attending this year?  Check back often for updates to the calendar! 

November 17, 2003
Just in time for Christmas!  Check out Devin's newest books at Amazon.com:
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu
Smallville:  City

July 4, 2003
Psst!  Check it out  ->  In Production. ;)June 24, 2003 
As most of you probably know, there's a new artist on Nightwing, Patrick Zircher.  Here's a direct quote from Devin herself:  "I'm completely delighted to have Patrick Zircher on board and think he has what it takes -- the talent, skill, enthusiasm, and love -- to raise this book up to a whole new level.  We've worked together before briefly on Titans as well as on a Nightwing fill-in he did, and I've always admired his work, but we really bonded artistically while designing Nightwing's new wheels together. The bike comes to full, glorious life in Nightwing: 86."  Check out Pulse's interview with Patrick!

June 19, 2003
By popular demand, you'll find a new script under samples for Nightwing:  75.

May 02, 2003
Whoa!  It's been WAY too long since Devin has given me something to bring to my page here.  Not that she hasn't been busy, she just hasn't let me talk about the great things that are going on..like books and contracts. Ooops!  Ya didn't hear that from me!  :) Anyway, you'll find a mention of a Scholastic Reader in the In Production section.

June 22, 2002
There's a new interview out on Comic Book Resources web site by Russell Lissau.  Its archived under Interviews; but here's a link so you can get right to it! JUST 'WINGING IT: DEVIN GRAYSON ON 'NIGHTWING' 

March 19, 2002
The news is out!  Everquest:  Transformation will be available in June 2002!  I've added an entry to Checklist as well as On Sale and In Production!

February 21, 2002
Spring is in the air.  That means that con season can't be far behind!  Visit the FAN/FAQ page to find out what conventions Devin will be attending.  I'll keep this updated as dates are added or dropped.  Woohoo!  Come to Vancouver and play, Dev!

Fusilli Dev:  I've update the In Production page for Devin's latest adventure. :)

Welcome to the Friends Page, John!

February 19, 2002:  Addition
For your convenience, the scripts and proposals on the Samples page are now available as Microsoft Word Documents or as web pages.

January 20, 2002:  News Update
It was announced this week that USER has been nominated for the 2001 GLAAD award for "Outstanding Comic Book".   The GLAAD (The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Media Awards were created to honor individuals and projects in the media and entertainment industries for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives. 

Additionally, Batman: Gotham Knights, as a series, won the 2001 Alfred Award for "Favorite Ongoing Title," while B:GK 18, specifically, won the Alfred Award for "Favorite Single Issue".  This is the fourth year of this award.  The  "ALFRED AWARDS"  are voted for by BATMAN fans on the internet between November and December 2001. The awards cover 20 categories and are limited to Batman and related comics issued with a 2001 cover date and Batman related toys and events from the past year.

I've made notations on the Comic Checklist for stories which have won awards.  Nice going, Dev!

January 14, 2002:  Additions
Devin sent me the scripts for the Burger King X-Men: Evolution dot comic stories which I added to the Samples page along with a cool reproduction of the CD's. 

January 5, 2002:  Additions
Whoa!  We're smoking!  Check out the new page on what Devin has In Production and find out why there aren't any pictures of Devin at this site (other than the interviews) in the Fan/FAQ Section ... andandand ... there's a new entry for the Burger King dotcomics on the Interview page.

January 3, 2002:  News Update

Devin, a vegetarian, looks a little sheepish as she urges you to run to Burger King to get your X-MEN: Evolution dot comics! Responsible for the Cyclops and Magneto dot comic stories, Devin herself is frantically ordering kiddie meals in the hopes of collecting the whole set.  :)

BURGER KING - Evolution

January 1, 2002
What's new?   Since this is a brand new web site, everything is new!  If this is your first time visiting, welcome !!!!  I recommend that you get comfortable, sit back and enjoy a browse through the pages.  Some of  the format which I've used came from Scott McCullar's excellent work on the 2K Comic site; but you will find new ideas as well. 

Stop by Devin's Biography page which was just rewritten and, on the Interview page, you'll find most of Devin's online interviews.  My thanks to Scott McCullar, Troy Brownfield, J. Ellis and Joe Palmer for assisting me in my quest for interview links. 

Whether you aspire to break into the business or just have an interest in how things work, Devin has provided a new sample of a script and a proposal at the Samples page.  There is an awesome links page called Friends and answers to frequently asked questions at the Fan/FAQs page.

This site will always be changing and evolving so keep coming back.  Devin has just sent me a stack of paper interviews for inclusion at the site as well as some of her favorite issues. Expect to see even more images of the heroes popping up on the pages.  Devin has promised to send me more FAQ's for the Fan page as well. 

I'll keep the Checklist, On Sale and Interview information as current as possible.  With each change, I'll make a notation here on the What's New page so that additions will be easy to find.

So, check it out and enjoy your visit!

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