Xmen: Evolution
July 6, 2001
Prepared for Matt Hicks 
Script for 8-page story
Devin Kalile Grayson

GENERAL NOTE TO ARTIST:  As I mentioned in my last script, I have one quick concern about Dot Comics. As you probably know, the format breaks up pages by pulling, or “popping,” out one or two panels at a time. The downside to this otherwise dynamic and inventive presentation is that these pop-ups are viewed resting on top of the whole page, which can sometimes be extremely visually distracting. So to that end, I’d like to urge you to stick with very clean, traditional panel layouts and heavy, solid borders. I think that will really help with the final impact the comic has when translated into Dot Comic format. Thanks!

Now, on with the show!:

PAGE 1, splash
   Open on a young, female African-American sales clerk behind the counter of a mall clothing boutique. The store is aimed at teenagers, so everything’s very bright and “hip” and cute -- including the clerk. Multiethnic teens swarm the store, happily choosing outfits, chewing gum, and teasing one another -- in fact, it’s an almost disgustingly normal scene, save for these next few details:
   First of all, this store has just opened, as indicated by a large GRAND OPENING SALE! banner behind the cashier and placed strategically around the store. The store itself is called MUTANT JEANS, as proclaimed by large, decorative metal letter behind the main counter and again, through-out the store. And, surprisingly, the clerk is recoiling in worry and fear -- 
   -- which is probably because a large Magneto shadow looms over her (so that we’re essentially at Magneto P.O.V.) 
   Title and credits, such as they are, here please:

MAGNETO in “Selling Points.” 

1 CLERK/small: Um...may I HELP you?

PAGE 2, panel one
   Close on Magneto, holding up a flyer as he leans in menacingly towards the clerk. 
 Now at Bayville Mall!
 Present this coupon at register for an additional 10% discount!

2 MAGNETO: Is this some kind of JOKE?

Page 2, panel two
   Pull back to show the scope of the store. Magneto is hovering, as he often does, slightly off the carpeted floor, continuing to lean menacingly over the register counter. The clerk continues to recoil in fear, but is trying hard to fight it (remember, “the customer is always right!”), and the other kids in the store are starting to notice the way weird big guy by the cashier.
3 CLERK: N-no....
4 CLERK: ...Just pick out what you WANT and I’ll take off an ADDITIONAL 10% when I ring it up....
5 MAGNETO: How much for your HEAD?
Page 2, panel three
   Magneto stands up straight and makes a hand gesture as he uses his powers to raise the cash register up from the counter so that it’s hovering mid-air above the clerk’s head. We should be concerned for her safety.
The clerk, for her part, is looking at Magneto with confusion as other kids in the store react to his “trick.”
6 CLERK: Sorry? 
7 MAGNETO: Never mind.
Page 2, panel four
   As the clerk and all the other kids in the store watch, transfixed (somewhere between terror and an ever-present eagerness to be entertained), Magneto uses his power to move the cash register towards the center of the retail floor (in other words, it appears to be flying there, except for his hand gestures).
8 MAGNETO: I’m sure you can’t even BEGIN to understand my IRE.
9 KID IN BACK/whisper: Dude, what’s “ire” mean?
10 ANOTHER KID IN BACK/whisper: You know, like “anger.”
PAGE 3, panel one
   Big! Magnus lets the cash register drop, causing it to smash open on the floor. This sends bills and coins flying wildly every which way, which it doesn’t take the kids in the store even a second to cheer and rush for (free money in the mall? They’re THERE!). All except for the clerk, of course, who looks increasingly dismayed, just smart enough not to come out from behind her counter.
1 SFX/cash register: =KRRRAAAASH=
4 TAILLESS: Outta my WAY!
5 CLERK Sir, you’re – oh, man –
Page 3, panel two
   Kids in the store, and now even some rushing in from the large, pristine hallways of the mall, continue to stampede for the money as Magneto turns menacingly towards the tentative clerk (who isn’t scolding him, she just doesn’t want to get in trouble).  
6 CLERK/small: -- you’re…you’re really not supposed to DO that….
7 MAGNETO: My DEAR little Homo SAPIEN --
Page 3, panel three
  Magneto closes the distance between himself and the clerk, wrapping one gloved hand around her throat as he starts to pull her up from behind the counter. 
   She is understandably terrified. 
8 MAGNETO: -- just HOW do you propose to STOP me?
10 SECURITY GUY/OFF: What’s going ON in here?
Page 3, panel four
   Close on Magneto as he turns to the security guard with a slight smile...oh, wait, hm...narrowed eyes? ...er...damn that helmet! He turns towards the scared security guard with confidence, how’s that?
   The security guard, who isn’t much older than the clerk, really, is already pulling a gun, realizing he’s out of his depth.
11 MAGNETO: NOTHING, really...
PAGE 4, panel one
   Cut to an establishing shot of the Xavier Institute.
1 CAPTION: “...just a little EVOLUTION.”
2 CAPTION: The Xavier Institute for Gifted Children.
Page 4, panel two
   Take us inside the Cerebro room, where Professor X is already plugged in, with Jean Grey and Cyclops (both in costume) standing anxiously behind him. 
   Right now Cerebro’s screen is on the “MATCHING...” phase. 
3 PROF X: Yes, I’m afraid there’s no doubt ABOUT it...
Page 4, panel three
   Cyclops looks baffled as Professor X turns towards him and Jean. Behind him, the Cerebro monitor is showing the Magneto “mug shot,” with  Mutant Signature Match: MAGNETO written really large under it, as well as the text: LOCATION: BAYVILLE MALL. 
 4 PROF X: ...it’s MAGNETO.
5 CYCLOPS: At the MALL!?
Page 4, panel four
   Jean and the Professor consult as Cyclops stares past them at the monitor, still agape.
6 JEAN: There will be lots of PEOPLE there, Professor X. We shouldn’t waste any TIME....
7 PROF X: Agreed, but I think I’d better do this one ALONE.
PROF X: Sometimes I can REASON with him....
Page 4, panel five
   Jean and Cyclops watch as Professor X rolls out of the Cerebro room.
Page 4, panel six
 Cyclops and Jean turn back to one another. Jean smiles slightly (“oh, aren’t you cute?”) as Cyclops continues to be stuck on this mall thing.
9 CYCLOPS: At the mall?
PAGE 5, panel one
    Cut back to the mall and MUTANT JEANS. Magneto already has the security guard’s gun hovering in the air, pointing directly at the terrified security guard (yes, yes, like in the movie -- what can I say, that was a great visual -- though, speaking of that, if this image is too hard-core for what we’re doing here, then we could have Magneto wrap him up in the night security gate -- you know, those big metal things they pull down over the individual stores when the mall closes at night -- instead. The gun conveys a better sense of immediate danger, though, so let’s fight for it). In addition to this, the metal letters of “Mutant Jeans” are in the air, hovering threateningly above various teens in the store.
    Though many kids are still collected around the smashed cash register, all the money is gone, and no one is laughing anymore. Everyone gets it now that something VERY BAD is happening. 
    Magneto is holding court like a true super-villain. 
1 MAGNETO: What do they TEACH you in your HISTORY classes?
2 MAGNETO: Do you learn only of men cutting down CHERRY TREES and inventing LIGHT BULBS?
Page 5, panel two
   Close on Magneto and a few of the nearest kids, including the sweating security guard, as Magneto continues to deliver a lecture they’re all afraid not to listen to. No one is moving, and the gun remains fixed on the security guard.
3 MAGNETO: Or do they teach you, too, of man’s DARKER hours? 
4 MAGNETO: Of famines, plagues, WARS? Of men in UNIFORMS slaughtering CHILDREN?
5 FROM OFF: Why don’t YOU tell them about the WAR, Magnus?
Page 5, panel three
   Pull back as Magneto turns to find Professor X sitting calmly just inside the doorway of the little store (in his wheelchair, of course). 
   Keep the tension up with the kids and security guard in jeopardy.
6 MAGNETO: Professor Xavier.... 
7 MAGNETO: ...checking out the “fly threads?”
8 PROF X: Tell them about how TERRIFYING it was to see your FRIENDS in JEOPARDY and not be able to HELP --
Page 5, panel four
   Put the sweating security guard -- with his own gun still suspended in mid-air and pointing at him -- in foreground as Magneto and Professor X continue to argue in BG (not deep BG, though, please, see opening note). Charles is always calm, Magus is becoming increasingly heated.
  9 PROF X: -- tell them about TYRANNY and the fear that your LIFE is in SOMEONE ELSE’S hands....
10 MAGNETO: I know what you’re trying to DO, Charles, but your COMPARISON is MEANINGLESS.
Page 5, panel five
   Close on Magneto, at his most evil and terrifying.
11 MAGNETO: Humans terrorizing other HUMANS is only...well, HUMAN.
12 MAGNETO: But WE are the next stage of EVOLUTION. We are Homo SUPERIOR. 
PAGE 6, panel one
   The security guard, succumbing to panic, tries to plead with Magneto. 
1 SECURITY GUY: Puh - please. T-take whatever you WANT.
2 SECURITY GUY:  I don’t even clear six bucks an HOUR... I won’t try to STOP you.
Page 6, panel two
    Charles concentrates on sending a telepathic message to the security guard (who continues to succumb to panic) as Magneto turns his attention back to his other hostages.
1 MAGNETO: Do you even BEGIN to understand the breadth of my POWERS, children?
2 MAGNETO: I can manipulate METAL. 
3 PROF X/telepathic: Try to hold ON, son. I won’t let him HURT you. 
Page 6, panel three
   Tight on the security guard (and Prof X, if you can get him in the shot) as, without moving his head (he’s afraid of somehow triggering the gun) the security guard looks around nervously, sweating profusely, clearly on the verge of panic now as Professor X continues to try to reach him.
4 SECURITY GUY: Wh -- who SAID that?
5 PROF X/telepathic: My name is Charles Xavier, and only you can hear me right now.
6 PROF X/telepathic: I need you to stay as CALM as POSSIBLE. I cannot PROTECT you if you PANIC.
Page 6, panel four
   Big.  Magneto is still addressing his captive audience, demonstrating some of the powers he mentions: the doors to the store swing shut and lock, clothing on metal hangers dance into the air like ghosts, and part of the ceiling starts to collapse. The kids, of course, are horrified.
7 MAGNETO: Your WEAPONS, the locks of your DOORS, your cars and PLANES, the BEAMS that support your BUILDINGS --
8 MAGNETO: -- even your very BLOOD contains trace elements.
9 SFX/doors: =swooosh=
10 SFX/doors: =clck=
11 SFX/ceiling: =rmmmmmbl= 
PAGE 7, panel one
  The kids continue reacting to the Magneto-induced terrors as Magneto opens his arms wide in a dramatic gesture to them, his back to us and to Professor X.
1 MAGNETO: There is NOTHING you can do to HURT me, and there are MORE of my KIND than you REALIZE.  
Page 7, panel two
   Magneto turns back to Professor X (and us)-- sort of a sinister over the shoulder glance. Charles answers him with devastating calm.
2 MAGNETO: And SOON we will take CONTROL of this sad little planet before the sapiens ruin it UTTERLY!
3 PROF X: And how do you propose to DO that, Magnus? 
Page 7, panel three
   Close on Professor X, an eyebrow arched.
4 PROF X: By REPEATING history?
Page 7, panel four
   Close on Magneto, frowning, silent.
5 PROF X/ OFF: Men...in UNIFORMS...slaughtering CHILDREN...?
Page 7, panel five
   Tight as Magneto turns and glares at the clerk from page one. Her eyes are full of tears as she meets his glance -- her fear is stamped across her features.
Page 7, panel six
   Magneto turns now to look at the security guard, who is equally visibly terrified as sweat runs down the sides of his face and his eyes tear themselves away from the gun for just long enough to glance sadly at Magneto. 
PAGE 8, panel one
   Pull back to show the whole store as, with a visual exhale, Magneto drops his head for a moment, also releasing his powers as he does so. 
The security guard’s gun drops to the floor (or the security gate, if that’s the way we went), the doors to the shop open, the hangers and metal display letters put themselves back in order and into their proper places, and although still damaged, the ceiling stops rumbling. Only the cash register remains smashed beyond repair.
1 SFX/gun: =clnk=
2 SFX/doors: =clkt=
3 MAGNETO/SFX: =sigh=
Page 8, panel two
   Without another spoken word, Magneto floats out of the store, right past Professor X, who hails him telepathically.
   The kids in the store are beginning to hug one another and collapse in relief.
4 PROF X/telepathic: THANK you, Magnus. You’ve done the right thing.
5 MAGNETO/telepathic: You’re a FOOL, Charles.
6 MAGNETO/telepathic: They’re children of SAVAGES. They’ll kill US if they ever have the CHANCE.
Page 8, panel three
   Professor X turns around in the doorway to watch Magneto leave as they continue their silent conversation. Behind them, the kids become increasingly relieved and exuberant, no doubt planning to celebrate their escape from certain doom with a soda and fries at Burger King (which may be visible in the mall hallway if product placement becomes a priority here).
   Magneto is casting one last glare over his shoulder at Professor X as he exits (and go ahead and have people in the mall reacting to him as he passes -- he does look awfully strange and intimidating)
7 PROF X/telepathic: That’s where you and I DISAGREE.
8 MAGNETO/telepathic: Yes.
9 MAGNETO/telepathic: You with your HOPES for the FUTURE.... 
Page 8, panel four
   Close on Magneto as he turns away from the Professor, frowning softly.
10 MAGNETO/telepathic: ...And ME with my MEMORIES of the PAST....

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