We asked 16 of the top gay creators in the comic industry their thoughts, and here’s what they had to say.

The following comic professionals were kind enough to take the time to answer several of our questions. Please read their books and visit their web sites.

Joe Phillips is a comic artist and has worked on just about every major mainstream comic series, including Spider-man, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Captain America, Superboy, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Body Doubles, and Aliens. Visit Joe on-line at

Howard Cruse is a writer and artist (some would say legendary, myself included) who created such landmark works as WENDEL, and STUCK RUBBER BABY as well as helping create the groundbreaking GAY COMICS in 1980. Please visit Howard on-line at

Jose Villarrubia is a multi-talented digital artist who contributed to DC/Vertigo’s VIELS and provided the art for Alan Moore’s Promethia #7. He also works closely with Jae Lee as his colorist on projects like HELLSHOCK and SENTRY. Jose hasn’t joined the digital age quite yet and gotten himself a website, but you can see one of his wonderful digitally manipulated photographs here

Eric Shanower is the writer and artist on Dark Horses OZ and currently blowing Frank Millers 300 out of the water with his epic Trojan War re-telling AGE OF BRONZE published by Image Comics. Visit him on-line at

Robert Rodi has written several novels, including WHAT THEY DID TO PRINCESS PARAGON, which is a must read for any comics fan. He’s currently finishing off a new novel, and is writing the new DC/Vertigo series CODENAME: KNOCKOUT due out this winter.

Greg Fox is the creator of KYLE'S BED & BREAKFAST, a clever comic strip about a, what else, gay bed and breakfast. He also writes AN ANGEL’S STORY and ROCK THE HOUSE. You can visit Greg on-line at

Devin Grayson has written BATMAN, CATWOMAN, THE TITANS, and BLACK WIDOW as well as her creator owned RELATIVE HEROES. You can visit her on-line at

Roberta Gregory is best known for NAUGHTY BITS, starring the unforgettable Bitchy Bitch. She’s also infamous for her creation itchy Butch, the worlds angriest dyke. You can get to know Roberta on-line at

Brad Rader has been a story board artist on such notable animated series’ like BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, GARGOYLES and MEN IN BLACK. His comics work includes THE BATMAN ADVENTURES and THE MARC for dark Horse. He was also recently nominated for an Emmy for SPAWN in the category of Outstanding Animated Program.

Ariel L Schrag is the creator of the autobiographical comics AWKWARD, DEFINITION, POTENTIAL, and LIKEWISE. You can find information on Ariel and her comics at

Tommy Kovac is the creator of STITCH from Slave Labor Graphics, and also produces a number of ‘Zines, including LIBRARY BONNET distributed by Tower Records. Learn more about him and STITCH at

Sharon Cho is the co-writer and co-creator of NOBODY (recently released as a trade paperback by AiT/Planet Lar and reviewed by us earlier this month) She in an agent to some of the biggest and most talented artists working in the field today. If you’d like more information on NOBODY, go here or You can get information on representation at

Chris Cooper is a writer and editor for Marvel Comics. He’s edited such books as CAGE, BLADE THE VAMPIRE HUNTER and PUNISHER. He’s written STAR TREK: STARFLEET ACADEMY and the HULK/SUB-MARINER annuals. He’s currently writing QUEER NATION, a gay on-line comic located at

Terrance Griep, Jr., has been a published writer since 1993. His professional credits include numerous magazine articles, short stories, radio plays, and precisely one poem...but his most-recognized work is on DC Comics' Scooby-Doo to which he currently contributes. Gay readers will want to check out BLACK VESPER, a gay super-hero published by Kat Butt Komix in the Spring of 2001. You can check out a daily Western written by Terrance at

Adam Dekraker is an artist. You’d have seen is work on THE TITANS, SUPERBOY, LEGIONNAIRES, and WILD C.A.T.S. He’s currently inking the RUGRATS IN PARIS movie adaptation for Nickelodeon.

Bevis Musson is a writer and artist. His current project is PopImage’s latest on-line comic GOODFELLOW located here

Marc Andreyko is the creator of the unfinished (Come on Marc, get the lead out!) cult, gay-tinged Peter-Pan-meets-Lestat, gothic horror comic THE LOST, and co-writer of last years crime noir hit TORSO with Brian Michael Bendis.


Are comic companies doing enough to portray gay characters in a positive way? Do you think they have an obligation to do so?

What is it that first drew you to comics, as either an occupation, or a source of enjoyment?

Do you feel that YOU have a responsibility as a gay comic creator to represent gay readers?

What made you decide to 'come out' as a gay creator?

Do you think the majority of gay comic readers are as vocal as they should be about what they want from their comics?

How important is it for you to include gay characters in your work?

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