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Illustration by Whilce Portacio 

Often, when a project is first agreed upon by editors and freelancers, the involved publishing company asks everyone to stay quiet about it for a while, for fear that calling attention to it too many months before it actually becomes available will result in the intended audience losing interest well before said project even hits the stands. That's a reasonable concern, especially considering that a writer usually begins working on a comic book project five to twelve months before the project becomes available for retail. 

Some projects are obviously big and alluring enough to withstand months of anticipation and hype, and, too, some creators and editors find themselves unable to resist gossiping about upcoming work they're really excited about. But as a general rule, freelancers wait until they're absolutely sure any given project is really happening the way it was planned before discussing it with fans and the industry press. 

Which is yet another reason why individual websites -- which fairly demand injudicious disclosures -- are clearly a bad idea. Man, this is fun....

Below, a cheerfully supplied list of things I'm not really supposed to be talking about yet:

  • This just in! Devin's been spotted in Gotham City again, but refuses to comment on what she's doing there. All she would say is that we should watch the comic racks this summer for her most exciting project yet....
  • DC Universe: Inheritance due out this June (06)! It's a novel about fathers and sons, staring Batman, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Arsenal, Aquaman and Tempest
  • There are only two possible outcomes when a matador faces down a bull.  And both of them end in death.
MATADOR, a 6-issue creator-owned mini-series with artist Brian Stelfreeze, from WildStorm Productions (SCHEDULED FOR 2005 RELEASE!). Corruption empowers, and absolute corruption empowers absolutely. At least, that's what Miami PD Officer Isabel Cardona is forced to conclude after going up against a formidable assassin, an explosive underworld, and her own preconceptions about honor and justice. Devin Grayson, novelist!
  • Devin has finished writing two -- count 'em, two -- books for DC's licensed publications department.   Get them now at Amazon.com! 



    Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu
    Smallville:  City

    12/2004 And she's hard at work on a third DCU novel.  More details to follow!

  • Really, it's all a big joke...



    Word has it that the inimitable John Bolton is currently hard at work on a Joker graphic novel, written by Devin. As usual, Devin's been asked not to reveal any details until Marketing makes their move, but the image of Bolton hunching over Joker pages is just too good not to share! 

  • Tortellini's Just Funnier!
    In her ongoing quest to drain Corporate America of its money (while trying not to drain the industry of its dignity), Devin somehow got talked in to assisting Marvel in a product licensing deal with Chef Boyardee.  Somewhere on the back of ravioli can labels coming soon to a supermarket shelf near you are Eisner-quality comic "vignettes" featuring the dynamic teamup of Spiderman, Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man.  Nine essential vitamins and minerals included!!!
  • “Man only plays when in the full meaning of the word he is a man, and he is only completely a man when he plays.” – Friedrich Von Schiller
    EVERQUEST: TRANSFORMATION, a brand-new story based on Sony Online Entertainment's award-winning EverQuest - the most successful online fantasy role-playing game ever with art and cover by Philip S. Tan and Gary Mayoralgo; cover by Whilce Portacio and Richard Friend. It's a perilous adventure in which a Dark Elf warrior and an unusual band of misfits must find a lost piece of mystical armor. Can this motley crew survive the dangers of Norrath to claim its prize? Or will they succumb to death's cold embrace?  48 pages, $5.95, in stores on June 26. 
  • “What if they were all cats?”
USER, the movie (or cartoon, or web-event, or merchandising line, or…?). Time Warner/AOL (or, more specifically, Warner Brothers) recently exercised their first negotiation rights by electing to option USER for possible development. So if anyone knows how to reach Terry Gilliam, please let him know that the property is now with WB, just waiting for his directorial genius! 
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