Picture by Luis Royo


Illustrations by Roger Robinson
4-Color Review
The Comic Book Site for Comic Book READERS: I guess their title is self-explanatory, but be sure to check out Jason Baldwin's "papercuts" column. Prepare to bleed. 
This isn't about comics, but if you're an online gamer, you need this site. Whether you're playing DaoC, EQ, or AO (or, if you happen to work at home, all three), this is what the Web was always supposed to be about. I cannot believe the amount of information this guy has amassed. Rock on. 
Atomic Comics 
The official website for a great Arizona based store with a large inventory and a convenient mail order service. 
Mourn Napster no more. All you need is love (and the AG remote satellite!).
The Bear Cave | Greg Rucka Online
Detective writer Greg Rucka is a good friend of mine and very prolific and talented writer who warrants keeping an eye on. Check out the bear cave and see what I mean -- tell him Rombat sent you! ;-) 
This is the site of another one of my gaming buddies, who also happens to be an inspired artist in computer graphics and photography. And when it comes down to a 1D20, this is the guy I want in my corner! Smack those tats, Jules! 
Formerly Mania Magazine with an online store, plus loads of comic book features, reviews.
The Color Black
People always ask me about my inspiration -- well, a huge part of that is my friends. This site belongs to my buddy Dave, the lead singer, bass player, and creative soul of The Color Black. I've been gaming with Dave for nearly ten years now, and no matter what the system, he almost always plays a master of the arcane. I've long held a hunch that the characters we use in play reveal our secret selves, and there's no question that Dave is magic. Rock on, Wizard!
Comic Book Continuum
Formerly affiliated with the Detroit News, this is a great place to get news and interviews with comic folks. 
Comic Book Resources
Need to find a website for your favorite character, company, or creator? This site has an immense links database, as well as lots of other bitchin' stuff.
Comics International
The website for one of comicdom's oldest magazines, the UK-based Comics International. And you can also vote for your favorite 2K Commie in its prestigious Eagle Awards. 
Comics Reader
This is a cool new magazine that provides hard to find information and insight on the industry looking at comics past, present and future. 
Our webmistress' beautiful web page. This is where the magic started!
DC Comics
The official site, where you can find Submissions Guidelines, advance artwork, upcoming comics, etc. 
Dogs for Diabetics

Dogs for Diabetics (D4D) is non-profit organization of dedicated people training high quality medical-alert service dogs for type-1 diabetic youth and adults. D4D trains dogs to detect hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) in their owners and alert them (or other family members) before their blood-sugars drop to dangerous levels. I do a lot of volunteer work for them, and am also the recipient of one of their amazing dogs -- the lovable and talented Cody! Please support this life-saving program in any way you can. 

Digital Webbing
Comic Sites Newspage with coverage on what is happening across the internet and the industry. 
The official site of Batman and Catwoman writer -- not to mention fellow Gotham Watchman -- Ed Brubaker. He's got quite a life outside of Gotham, too, and some thought-provoking links. Check it out!
USER was nominated this year for the 13th Annual GLAAD Media Awards -- you can even see some photos from the San Francisco party (which I gleefully attended) on the website. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is dedicated to promoting and ensuring fair, accurate, and inclusive representation of individuals and events in all media as a means of eliminating homophobia and discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. I think they do amazing work and urge you to support them any way you can. 
Greenpeace USA
This is my website, and this is our planet. Be informed. 
I Can't Stop Thinking! 
The online continuation of Scott McCloud's fascinating 2000 book Reinventing Comics, "I Can't Stop Thinking!" provides a forum for his ongoing speculations on digital comics. Technically available through The Comics Reader (linked above), but worthy, I feel, of it's very own link. 
Jay Faerber 
Jay settles down on the web with a slick new site of his own. 
Love the olive tones. 
Vaughanily, where are you...?
John Bolton 
Engaging, dark, mysterious, disturbing, freakish and awesome...these are just a few of the words one could use to describe John Bolton's amazing website (or John Bolton, for that matter).
Marvel Comics
Just like the DC site, only different. 
The first, the fastest, and the best. Michael Doran explained to me years ago when I was first breaking in that he wanted to set the standard for online comic news delivery, and boy has he! This is a guy who frequently knows things about my career before I do! Accessible, relentless, honorable and on top of the buzz -- Newsarama is the first place most pros go to plug in. 
Out In Comics
Out in Comics is dedicated to profiling openly GLBT (that's gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered, for those of you who have been blinking at the anachronism for years) comic creators. Great idea, and there is, of course, a profile of yours truly there, as well as great bios on all kinds of great creators and people. 
PvP - Player Versus Player
The Daily Online Comic Strip: It's a comic strip. It's about gaming. It's hysterical. Need I say more?
Pop Image
Pop Image's GAYS AND COMICS special is on-line now with an interview with Devin. 
Scott McCullar
2KCom's former webmaster's site with a look at his projects, portfolio, and Green Arrow Unofficial Fansite
Sequential Tart
If you don't know the tarts, you don't know what you're missing! Good interviews, interesting articles, fantastic art work, and more super vixens than you can shake a stick at!
The NEW Slush Factory!
The Slush Factory is back, and better than ever! Committed to promoting the free exchange of ideas, Slush has all their slick bells, whistles and eye-candy backed up by solid, thoughtful content and genuinely enthusiastic contributors. 
Strangers In Paradise
Artist and writer Terry Moore is about to take over Birds of Prey, but he's long been a fan-and-pro-favorite as the creator of Abstract Studio's Strangers In Paradise series. See why we're all so happy to welcome him to Gotham! 
TMU Magazine
A slick fan site dedicated to all things Marvel. 
Udon  Comics
The official website for our wonderful X-MEN:  Evolution artist.  Think:  EYE CANDY!!
Trailer based link for Devin's series. 
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