Picture by Luis Royo


llustration by Long Vo and Charles Park of Udon and Saka of Studio XD

  • This list is a work-in-progress but is meant to record all of the comic books Ive written. If youd told me a few years ago that I had over one hundred stories to tell I would have told you that you were crazy, but look what a little imagination and an abiding desire to pay rent can do!
    • INHERITANCE, DC UNIVERSE, due out this June (06)! It's a novel about fathers and sons, staring Batman, Nightwing, Green Arrow, Arsenal, Aquaman and Tempest.
    • NIGHTWING #107 to 117
    • NIGHTWING # 71 to #100
    • BATMAN:  RISE OF SIN TZU, a novelization by Devin Grayson and Flint Dille. Based on the game script by Flint Dille
    • SMALLVILLE: CITY, an original novel by Devin Grayson
    • MATADOR 1 through 6.  A creator-owned mini-series with artist Brian Stelfreeze, from WildStorm Productions
    • EVERQUEST: TRANSFORMATION, a brand-new story based on Sony Online Entertainment's award-winning EverQuest - the most successful online fantasy role-playing game ever with art and cover by Philip S. Tan and Gary Mayoralgo; cover by Whilce Portacio and Richard Friend. It's a perilous adventure in which a Dark Elf warrior and an unusual band of misfits must find a lost piece of mystical armor. Can this motley crew survive the dangers of Norrath to claim its prize? Or will they succumb to death's cold embrace? 
    • X-MEN: Evolution Burger King "Big Kids" dot comics, featuring Cyclops in "All for one," and Magneto in "Selling points" with the regular artist team from  X-Men: Evolution  (Available only at BK)
    • X-MEN: EVOLUTION # 1 to present, Marvel presentation with artists Long Vo and Studio XD
    • GHOST RIDER, 6-issue Marvel Knights mini-series with artists Trent Kaniuga and Danny Miki 
    • USER (formerly "MUN"), 3-issue Vertigo mini-series, with artists John Bolton & Sean Phillips (Nominated for the 2001 GLAAD (The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) award for outstanding comic book) 
    • BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS # 1 to 32, monthly, with artist Roger Robinson (Winner of the 2001 Alfred Award for Favorite Ongoing Title and B:GK 18 is winnder of the 2001 Alfred Award for favorite single issue)
    • BLACK WIDOW: BREAKDOWN 3-issue mini-series with co-writer Greg Rucka and artist Scott Hampton 
    • THE BATMAN CHRONICLES # 20, "Whippersnappers of Mass Destruction," with artist Yvel Guichet
    • NIGHTWING # 53, with artist Rick Burchett
    • RELATIVE HEROES (formerly THE WEINBERGS), 6-issue DC  mini-series, with artists Yvel Guichet and Aaron Sowd
    • "Endgame," the "No Man's Land" finale that ran through the Batman titles in December 1999, co-written with Greg Rucka. Began in LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT # 126, and continued through SHADOW OF THE BAT #94, BATMAN #74, and DETECTIVE # 741
    • SHADOW OF THE BAT # 92, with artist Dale Eaglesham
    • NIGHTWING SECRET FILES # 1, "Lost Pages," with artist Phil Jimenez, and "Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?" with artist Brian Stelfreeze
    • THE BATMAN CHRONICLES # 18, with artist Dale Eaglesham
    • JLA # 32, co-written with Mark Waid, with artists Mark Pajarillo and Walden Wong
    • BLACK WIDOW, 3-issue mini-series, with artist J.G. Jones
    • "Fear of Faith," a "No Man's Land" arc running through the Batman titles in February 1999, with artists Dale Eaglesham, Sean Parsons, Batt, Aaron Sowd, and Jaime Mendoza. Begins in LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #116, and continues through SHADOW OF THE BAT #84, BATMAN #64, and DETECTIVE #731
    • THE TITANS # 1 to 20, with artists Mark Buckingham & Wade Von Grawbadger
    • CATWOMAN # 54 to 71, with artists Jim Balent & John Stanisci
    • TITANS SECRET FILES # 1, "Come Together," with artist Paul Pelletier
    • JLA / TITANS 3-part mini-series, co-plotted and pencilled by Phil Jimenez, with inks by Andy Lanning
    • DCU HOLIDAY BASH III, "No, Bart, There is No Santa Claus," co-written with Mark Waid, and with artists Craig Rosseau & Mike Sellers
    • ARSENAL 4-issue mini-series, with artists Rick Mays, Jason Martin, Karl Story, & Sean Parsons (a Prism award-winning story!)
    • BATMAN VILLAINS: SECRET FILES & ORIGINS #1, "How to Be a Super-Villain" 
    • BATMAN ANNUAL #22, with artists Yvel Guichet & Robert Campanella
    • BATMAN ANNUAL 80-PAGE GIANT # 1, "Desire," with artist Brian Stelfreeze (a Thompson Award-winning story)
    • NIGHTWING / HUNTRESS 4-issue mini-series, with artists Greg Land & Bill Sienkiewicz
    • WIZARD BATMAN SPECIAL, "Battle Plans"
    • THE BATMAN CHRONICLES # 12, "The Contract," with artists Marcos Martin & Vince Giarrano
    • THE SUPERMAN ADVENTURES # 18, with artists Aluir Amancio & Terry Austin
    • DCU HOLIDAY BASH II, "The Present," with artists Will Rosado & Sal Buscema, and dialog assist on "The Old Lane," with Brian Stelfreeze 
    • BATMAN: SECRET FILES & ORIGINS # 1, "Gazing Back," with artists Staz Johnson & James A. Hodgkins 
    • THE BATMAN CHRONICLES # 9,"Photo Finish," with artist Duncan Frugredo
    • NIGHTWING ANNUAL # 1, with artists Greg Land & Bob McLeod
    • CATWOMAN ANNUAL # 4, with artists Javier Saltares & John Stanisc
    • BATMAN PLUS ARSENAL # 1, with artist Rodolfo Damaggio & Robert Campanella
    • THE BATMAN CHRONICLES # 7, "Like Riding a Bike," with artist Rodolfo Damaggio
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