Picture by Luis Royo


Illustration by Duncan Fegredo 

Thanks for stopping by to visit DevinGrayson.com. I like to think of this website as an online storage house where I can keep and share documentation about my work as a comic book writer. The truth is, I have a terrible memory, so when people ask me what I do, or when the next issue of Nightwing is coming out, or how I broke into the business, or where they can find a sample script, it’s easier for me to remember a URL (especially one that is, well, my name) than to wrack my oft-distracted brain or, god forbid, actually start searching through my office for the requested piece of information. All hail the Internet. 

I used to share a website (2KCom) with a couple of friends of mine – Jay Faerber and Brian Vaughan – but, lazy bastards that we all are, we failed to renew the domain name on that site and decided we were all old enough to have sites of our very own. You can find Jay and Brian’s sites on our friends page, or, at least, you will be able to once those indolent boy geniuses settle on domain names. 

This website is particularly meaningful to me because I was able to have a dear friend design and maintain it. I now have a site I love, and, cooler yet, a webmisstress. It sounds kinkier than it is, but I nonetheless cheerfully prostrate myself at the feet of CarolAnn Shepherd of CreativeAnswers in thanks for all she has done here and elsewhere in my life.  

And that’s quite enough for a damn homepage introduction, don’t you think? 

Be well and be one of the good guys,
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